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Sony Kv 29x1r инструкция

• Dangerously high voltages are present inside the TV.

• TV operating voltage: 110 – 240 V AC.

To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose

the TV to rain or moisture.

Do not operate the TV if any liquid or solid object

falls into it. Have it checked immediately by

qualified personnel only.

Do not open the cabinet and the rear cover of the

TV. Refer servicing to qualified personnel.

Do not install the TV in hot, humid or excessively

Do not install the TV in a confined space, such

as a bookcase or built-in cabinet.

Do not block the ventilation openings of the TV.

Install the TV in a stable position. Do not allow

children to climb onto it.

Do not plug in too many appliances to the same

power socket. Do not damage the power cord.

Clean the TV with a dry and soft cloth.

Do not use benzine, thinner, or any other chemicals

to clean the TV. Do not scratch the picture tube.

For your own safety, do not touch any part of the

TV, the power cord and the antenna cable during

Pull the power cord out by the plug. Do not pull

the power cord itself. Disconnect the TV if you

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