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Скачать Стили Yamaha Tyros

539 Preset Styles

In November, 2013, Yamaha announced its newest flagship arranger keyboards, the Tyros 5-61 (pictured above), and for the first time since the Yamaha 9000Pro, a 76-key model called the Tyros 5-76. Visit either of the Tyros5 links to see all the features and specifications of the new models.

Like all of the Yamaha arranger keyboards, the these Tyros5 models have many exceptional styles — more of them than any previous Yamaha keyboard. The Tyros5 models feature Yamaha’s new «Audio Styles» (marked with an * in the table below):

Adding forty new percussion-based Styles to the Tyros5’s impressive backing and accompaniment capabilities, Audio Styles add natural feel, ambience, and warmth to drum and percussion parts, offering greater expressive potential. Audio Styles also benefit from Yamaha’s Time Stretch Technology, which allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

The Tyros5 preset styles in each of the style categories are listed alphabetically in the table below. There are 40 new styles, each highlighted in the table below. (One Tyros4 style, GayGordens , is not included in the Tyros5). Note also that even styles with the same name as those in the Tyros4 may have different OTS voices and other changes and so may not sound exactly like the T4 equivalents.

Visit the Tyros5 Demo Page to hear samples of the PopChaCha , Acoustic Blues , BritRockAnthem , and WestCoast Pop styles.

Welcome to another set for the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation, here are 50 FREE Tyros 3 Entertainer styles download for your own performances.

The package includes many styles like Acoustic, Alpen, Schlager, Classic, Disco, Dream, Easy, Party, Polka, Piano and many, many other. The package also includes some styles that make use of the Tyros 3 Mega Voices.

These styles are designed to run on the Yamaha Tyros 3 workstation but they should work fine also on the Tyros 4 and Tyros 5.

Recent PSR models should load this styles well however some styles make use of the Tyros Mega Voices so you could need to revoice these styles to adjust and fix missing voices.

Below you can find the list of all styles included in the package (the numbers on the right side state how many variations are included, when you see the world “Mega” it means that the style make use of the Mega Voices).

  • 2 Guitars Mega
  • Acoustic Jazz
  • Acoustic
  • Alpen Ballad
  • Alpen Rock
  • Alpen Schlager
  • Caribbean
  • Classic Guitars
  • Club Soft
  • Disco Fox Rock
  • Disco Fox
  • Disco Hands
  • Dream Cha Cha
  • Dream Slow
  • Dream Strings
  • Dreaming
  • Dreamtine
  • EAP Slow
  • Easy Beat (2)
  • Easy Bounce
  • Easy Eagle
  • Easy Fox
  • Easy Groove
  • Easy Hop
  • Easy Lover Mega
  • Easy Rhythm
  • French 50’s
  • Fun 4/4
  • Learning 2/4
  • Mallorca Disco
  • Party Arena
  • Polka Pop
  • Pub Piano
  • Scandal Bugg
  • Scandal Country
  • Scandal Shuffle
  • Schlager 6/8
  • Schlager Alpen
  • Schlager Beat
  • Schlager Fever
  • Schlager Italia
  • Schlager Palace
  • Schlager Polka
  • Schlager Pop
  • Schlager Rock
  • Sing a Song Piano
  • Synth Pop Duo
  • Tijuana
  • Wild West


Click here for the Official Yamaha’s Arranger Workstations page

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