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Скачать MTK Firmwareadapter Tool

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MTK Firmware Adapter Tool Download

Author: Musharraf Ali | October 21, 2014 |

This program is designed for porting MTK ROMs, for other MTK devices. http://goo.gl/T7xUB2

It contain several of example projects, that you can use, to make your project for your device. examle projects is designed only for single platform porting (MT6575 to MT6575, MT6577 to MT6577, e.t.c.), but you can create project to port ROM from MT6589 to MT6577 If you can find out what files are needed for this. it depends only on you.

OS: Windows Vista — Windows 7

PC: .NET framework 2.0 and above, JDK

Phone: root access, adb root

2. Change lang, if you need

3. Choose project and edit it for your device

4. Get your files from zip ROM, ft ROM, folders or phone

5. Get files from ROM to port

6. Edit updater-script, build.prop, repack boot.img if you need

7. Build ROM and flash it

8. If don’t work — goto step 2, or replace some files manualy

To get a quick answer to your question — send them via email.

P.S. Why it open source for now?:

1. Now i don’t have any MTK device and waiting for release MT6595.

2. I want to add making flashtool images without device, but i don’t know how to do it. (looks like with linux you can create ext4 image. image size pick up from scatter, perms from updater-scripd, or just RW-R—R—)

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