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Husqvarna 250 Electronic инструкция

Страница скачивания руководства по обслуживанию Husqvarna 250 R

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Скачивание руководства по обслуживанию Husqvarna 250 R должно начаться в течении нескольких секунд. Если загрузка не началась автоматически в течение 10 секунд, нажмите на Прямая ссылка. Если у Вас остаются проблемы со скачиванием инструкции Husqvarna 250 R, свяжитесь с нами, используя формуляр для сообщения об ошибках.;

Инструкция использования / обслуживания изделия 250R производителя Husqvarna

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E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h 240F 240R 250R 252RX 265RX Oper ator ′ s manual Please read the operator’ s man ual carefully and mak e sure you understand the instructions before using the machine.

2 – English KEY T O SYMBOLS Symbols W ARNING! Clear ing saws , brushcutters and trimmers can be dangerous! Careless or incorrect use can result in serious or fatal injur y to the operator or others. Please read the operator’ s manual carefully and make sure y ou understand the instructions before using the machine .

English – 3 CONTENTS Contents Note the f ollowing bef ore star ting: • Please read the operator’ s manual carefully . • Long-term exposure to noise can result in permanent hearing impair ment. So alwa ys use approv ed hear ing protection.

4 – English INTR ODUCTION Dear Customer , Congratulations on y our choice to buy a Husqvarna product! Husqvarna is based on a tradition that dates back to 1689, when the Swedish King Charles XI ordered the construction of a factory on the banks of the Husqvarna River , for production of m uskets .

English – 5 WHA T IS WHA T? What is what on the c learing saw? (240R) 4 19 1 17 18 16 28 27 4 3 2 5 6 9 8 7 15 22 19 23 25 26 21 24 29 4 1 1 Blade 2 Grease fi ller cap 3 Be v.

6 – English WHA T IS WHA T? What is what on the c learing saw? (240F) 16 17 1 4 18 20 21 23 19 22 13 11 12 14 10 9 8 7 15 3 2 5 6 27 26 25 4 24 1 Blade 2 Grease fi ller cap 3 .

English – 7 WHA T IS WHA T? What is what on the c learing saw? (250R) 29 23 25 26 24 21 4 1 18 1 3 2 6 8 9 7 4 5 16 10 11 12 15 14 13 22 19 20 28 17 27 1 Blade 2 Grease fi .

8 – English WHA T IS WHA T? What is what on the c learing saw? (252RX) 22 25 23 4 1 18 17 27 20 1 3 2 4 8 9 7 5 16 10 11 12 15 14 13 24 21 19 6 26 1 Blade 2 Grease fi ller .

English – 9 WHA T IS WHA T? What is what on the c learing saw? (265RX) 24 25 23 27 20 21 4 19 17 18 1 22 12 13 11 15 14 10 9 8 5 3 1 2 6 16 7 26 4 1 Blade 2 Grease fi ller cap 3.

10 – English GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS Impor tant P ersonal pr otective equipment HELMET A helmet should be worn if the trees being cleared are taller than 2 m. HEARING PRO TECTION W ear hearing protection that provides adequate noise reduction.

English – 11 GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS The lif e span of the machine can be reduced and the risk of accidents can increase if machine maintenance is not carried out correctly and if ser vice and/or repairs are not carried out prof essionally .

12 – English GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS Alwa ys use the recommended guard for the cutting attachment you are using. See chapter on T echnical data. Vibration damping system Y our machine is equipped with a vibration damping system that is designed to minimize vibration and mak e operation easier .

English – 13 GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS If the muf fl er on y our machine is fi tted with a spark arrestor mesh this must be cleaned regularly . A bloc ked mesh will cause the engine to ov erheat and may lead to serious damage. Locking n ut A locking n ut is used to secure some types of cutting attachment.

14 – English GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS General rules Only use cutting attachments with the guards we recommend! See the chapter on T echnical data. K eep the teeth of the blade correctly shar pened! Follo w our instructions and use the recommended fi le gauge.

English – 15 GENERAL SAFETY PRECA UTIONS so , this should be done before fi ling with a round fi le. The top edges must be fi led down b y the same amount for all the teeth. Adjust the blade setting. This should be 1 mm. T rimmer head • Only use the recommended trimmer heads and tr immer cords.

16 – English ASSEMBL Y Assembling the handlebar and thr ottle (240R, 250R) • Remov e the screw at the rear of the throttle handle. • Slide the throttle handle onto the right side of the handlebar , (see diagram). • Align the screw hole in the throttle handle with the hole in the handlebar .

English – 17 ASSEMBL Y Fitting the handlebar (265RX) • Fit the left handlebar in the handlebar mounting. • Fit the right handle to the handlebar . • Adjust roughly and tighten the screws slightly . • Now mak e a fi nal adjustment, with the machine hanging from the harness, to obtain the most comfortable working position.

18 – English ASSEMBL Y • Fit the suppor t fl ange (F) on the output shaft. Make sure that the blade is centered b y fi tting it to the guide on the suppor t fl ange. • Screw the support cup (E) onto the output shaft threads (CA UTION! Left-hand thread).

English – 19 ASSEMBL Y Fitting other guar ds and cutting attachments Fit the trimmer guard/combination guard (A) intended for use with the trimmer head/plastic blades. Secure the tr immer guard using the 4 screws (L) and the support plate (M) as shown.

20 – English ASSEMBL Y Adjusting the harness 1 Tighten the hip strap so that it sits securely . 2 Tighten the chest strap under y our left arm so that it fi ts closely around your body . 3 Adjust the shoulder strap to distribute the load e venly across your shoulders .

English – 21 FUEL HANDLING Fuel safety Ne ver start the machine: 1 If you ha ve spilt fuel on it. Wipe off the spillage and allow remaining fuel to e vapor ate. 2 If you ha ve spilt fuel on yourself or y our clothes, change your clothes . W ash any par t of your body that has come in contact with fuel.

22 – English FUEL HANDLING Mixing • Alwa ys mix the petrol and oil in a clean container intended f or fuel. • Alwa ys star t by fi lling half the amount of the petrol to be used. Then add the entire amount of oil. Mix (shake) the fuel mixture.

English – 23 ST AR TING AND ST OPPING Chec k bef ore star ting • Ne ver start the machine indoors. Exhaust fumes can be dangerous if inhaled. • Obser ve y our surroundings and make sure that there is no risk of people or animals coming into contact with the cutting equipment.

24 – English ST AR TING AND ST OPPING Star ting and stopping Cold engine Ignition: Set the stop s witch to the star t position. Choke: Set the choke control in the chok e position. W arm engine Use the same star ting procedure as for a cold engine b ut without setting the choke control in the chok e position.

English – 25 W ORKING TECHNIQUES General w orking instructions Basic safety rules 1 Look around you: • T o ensure that people , animals or other things cannot aff ect your control of the machine . • T o ensure that people , animals, etc., do not come into contact with the cutting attachment or loose objects that are thrown out b y the cutting attachment.

26 – English W ORKING TECHNIQUES W orking methods • Bef ore you start clear ing, check the clearing area, the type of terrain, the slope of the ground, whether there are stones, hollo ws etc. • Star t at whichev er end of the area is easiest, and clear an open space from which to work.

English – 27 W ORKING TECHNIQUES side. Adjust the cutting pressure to match the size of the stem and the hardness of the wood. Small stems require more pressure, while large stems require less pressure . • If the stems are tightly pack ed, adapt your walking pace to suit.

28 – English W ORKING TECHNIQUES Grass trimming with a trimmer head T rimming • Hold the trimmer head just above the g round at an angle. It is the end of the cord that does the work. Let the cord work at its own pace. Nev er press the cord into the area to be cut.

English – 29 MAINTENANCE Carb urettor Y our Husqvarna product has been designed and manuf actured to speci fi cations that reduce har mful emissions. After the engine has used 8-10 tanks of fuel the engine will be run-in. T o ensure that it contin ues to run at peak perf ormance and to minimise har mful exhaust emissions after the running-in per iod, ask your dealer/service workshop (who will hav e a rev counter at their disposal) to adjust y our carburettor .

30 – English MAINTENANCE If the mesh is frequently bloc ked, this can be a sign that the perf ormance of the catalytic converter is impaired. Contact your dealer to inspect the m uf fl er . A block ed mesh will cause the machine to ov erheat and result in damage to the cylinder and piston.

English – 31 MAINTENANCE 265RX Remov e the air fi lter cover and tak e out the fi lter . Wash it clean in warm, soapy w ater . Ensure that the fi lter is dr y bef ore re fi tting it. Oiling the air fi lter Alwa ys use HUSQV ARNA fi lter oil, ar t.

32 – English MAINTENANCE Maintenance schedule The f ollowing is a list of the maintenance that must be perf or med on the machine. Most of the items are described in the Maintenance section. The user must only carr y out the maintenance and ser vice work descr ibed in this Operator’ s Manual.

English – 33 TECHNICAL D A T A T echnical data Note 1: Noise emissions in the environment measured as sound pow er (L WA ) in conformity with EC directive 2000/14/EC . Note 2: Equivalent sound pressure le v el is calculated as the time-weighted energy total f or sound pressure lev els under various working conditions with the follo wing time distr ibution: 1/2 idling and 1/2 max speed.

34 – English TECHNICAL D A T A Note 1: Noise emissions in the environment measured as sound pow er (L WA ) in conformity with EC directive 2000/14/EC . Note 2: Equivalent sound pressure le v el is calculated as the time-weighted energy total f or sound pressure lev els under various working conditions with the follo wing time distr ibution: 1/2 idling and 1/2 max speed.

English – 35 TECHNICAL D A T A Appro ved accessories 240R, 240F T ype Cutting attachment guar d, Art. no. Centre hole in blades/cutters , Ø 20 mm Output shaft thread M12 Grass b lade/grass cutter Multi 255-3 (Ø 255 3 teeth) 502 26 34-01 Multi 275-4 (Ø 275 4 teeth) 502 26 34-01 Multi 300-3 (Ø 300 3 teeth) 502 26 34-01 Saw b lade Maxi XS 200-22 (Ø 200 22 teeth) 502 27 22-01 Plastic blades T ricut Ø 300 mm 503 91 60-01 / 502 26 34-01 T rimmer head T rimmy S 503 91 60-01 T rimmy S II 503 91 60-01 A uto 55 503 91 60-01 Suppor t cup Fix ed — With ball bearing — Appro ved accessories 250R T ype Cutting attac hment guard, Art.

36 – English TECHNICAL D A T A EC-dec laration of conf ormity (Applies to Europe onl y) We, Husqv arna AB, SE-561 82 Huskv arna, Sweden, tel: +46-36-146500, declare that the clear ing saws Husqv arna 240R, 240F , 250R, 252RX and 265RX with serial numbers dating from 2002 onwards (the year is clearly stated on the rating plate , f ollow ed by the serial number), comply with the requirements of the COUNCIL ’S DIRECTIVE: of June 22, 1998 ”relating to machinery” 98/37/EC , anne x IIA.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 35-50 NM

3,5 m 11 ‘ 7,0 m 23’ 2,4-3,3 mm .095″-.130″ 12 cm 5″ T rimmy SII .

2,7-3,3 mm .106-.130″ 15 cm 6″ 15 cm 6″ 15 cm 6″ 15 cm 6″ 1 2 3 5 6 7 10 11 1.) 2.) >1,1 Kw

Прочитайте инструкцию Husqvarna 250R — избегайте проблем

Важным пунктом после покупки устройства Husqvarna 250R (или даже перед его покупкой) является прочтение его инструкции обслуживания. Это необходимо сделать о нескольким простым причинам:

  • чтобы знать, как правильно пользоваться устройством
  • чтобы знать, как обслуживать / проводить периодический контроль правильности работы изделия Husqvarna 250R
  • чтобы знать, как вести себя в случае аварии Husqvarna 250R

Если вы еще не купил Husqvarna 250R то сейчас хороший момент, чтобы ознакомиться с основными данными, касающимися изделия. Сначала просмотрите первые страницы инструкции, которую вы найдете выше. Вы должны там найти самые важные технические данные Husqvarna 250R — таким образом вы проверите, выполняет ли оборудование Ваши требования. Углубившись в следующие страницы инструкции пользователя Husqvarna 250R вы ознакомитесь со всеми доступными функциями изделия и информацией, касающейся его эксплуатации. Информация, которую вы получите о Husqvarna 250R несомненно поможет Вам принять решение, касающееся покупки.

В ситуации, если вы уже являетесь владельцем Husqvarna 250R, но вы еще не прочитали инструкцию, вам необходимо стелать это в связи с вышеуказанным. Тогда вы узнаете, правильно ли вы использовали доступные функции, а также не допускали ли ошибок, которые могут сократить период эксплуатации Husqvarna 250R.

Однако одна из самых важных ролей, которую выполняет инструкция обслуживания для пользователя, является помощь в решении проблем с Husqvarna 250R. Почти всегда вы найдете там Troubleshooting, самые частые поломки и неполадки устройства Husqvarna 250R вместе с рекомендациями, касающимися методов их решения. Даже если вам не удастся самостоятельно решить проблему, инструкция подскажет дальнейшие шаги — контакт с центром обслуживания клиента или ближайший сервисный центр.

Название файла: HO1997_1010000-00.pdf

Фрагмент инструкции

Se familiariser avec le fonctionnement et les commandes de la motobineuse avant l’utilisation. Savoir comment arrêter les outils et le moteur rapidement. 2. Utiliser la motobineuse pour l’usage auquel elle est destinée, à savoir la culture du sol. Toute autre utlilisation peut s’avérer dangereuse ou entraîner une détérioration de la machine. 3. Votre motobineuse a été conçue en accord avec les normes européennesde sécurité en vigueur. Pour votre sécurilé, nous vous recommandons de ne pas modifier les caractéristiques de votre machine, et de n’utiliser que les outils ou accessoires recommandés par le constructeur. La liste de ces accessoires approuvés est disponible chez votre concessionnaire agréé. 4. Ne jamais permettre d’utiliser la motobineuse à des enfants ou à des personnes non familières avec les instructions. La règlementation nationale peut limiter l’âge de l’utilisateur. 5. Ne pas utiliser la motobineuse : — Lorsque des personnes, particulièrement des enfants, ou des animaux se trouvent à proximité. — Lorsque l’utilisateur a absorbé des médicaments ou substances, réputés comme pouvant nuire à sa capacité de réflexe et de vigilance. — Sans garde-boue ou capots de protection. — Dans les terrains dont la pente est supérieure à 20°. 6. Il est de la responsabilité de l’utilisateur d’évaluser les risques potentiels du terrain à travailler et de prendre toutes les précautions nécessai res pour assurer sa sécurité, en particulier dans les pentes, les sols accidentés, glissants ou meubles. — 7. Garder à l’esprit que le propriétaire ou l’utilisateur est responsable des accidents ou des risques encourus par les tierces personnes ou par leurs biens. 8. Vérifier l’état de la motobineuse avant de l’utiliser. Vous éviterez ainsi un accident ou d’endommager la machine. 9. S’assurer que tousles dispositifs de fixation sont bien serrés. 10. ATTENTION • DANGER ! L’essence est hautement inflammable. — Conserver le carburant dans des récipients spécialement prévus à cet effet. — Faire le plein à l’extérieur uniquement, avant de démarrer le moteur et ne pas fumer pendant cette opération ou toute manipulation de carburant. — Ne jamais enlever le bouchon du réservoir de carburant ou faire le plein lorsque le moteur est en fonctionnement ou tant qu’il est encore chaud. — Ne pas démarrer le moteur si de l’essence a été répandue : éloigner la motobineuse de la zone où le carburant a été renversé et ne provoquer aucune inflammation tant que le carburant ne s’est pas évaporé et que les vapeurs ne se sont pas dissipées. — Refermer correctement le réservoir et le récipient en serrant convenablement les bouchons. — Après utilisation, placer le levier des gaz’en position «Arrêt» et fermer le robinet d’arrivée d’essence. 11. Démarrer le moteur avec précaution, en respectant les consignes d’utilisation et en tenant les pieds éloignés des outils rotatifs. 12. Ne pas faire fonctionner le moteur dans un endroit fermé où les gaz d’échappement contenant .

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