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Goclever Orion 785 прошивка

Glass, aluminum, display diagonal 7.85 «, and it all quad Allwinner – whether GOCLEVER ORION 785 will satisfy the need of customers handy and powerful tablet, able to survive the day and meet both as a portable organizer and entertainment center? Let Now!

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Abbreviation, or wideorecenzja GOCLEVER ORION 785

Construction / quality

Nice, but not without flaws

ORION 785 GOCLEVER design replicates used for other tablets that manufacturer, which also have a screen size of 7.85 «. Rear of the unit is made ​​of aluminum and covered with glass front panel – total complement of plastic inserts: a cohesive front frame with the back, which nabiega on the upper part of plecków where the tablet was placed all connectors. cabinet maintained in neutral colors (combination of white with gray), which definitely helped your tablet – the hardware is nice, and should meet the expectations of manic aesthetes. items The fitting is satisfactory, but what the precision can already be have some comments. Going finger from the screen to the periphery tablet will come across sharp edges, as if the tablet was niedocięta frame to the screen. Construction gently creaks and plecki bend under stronger pressure. Even with the low price Orion 785, it should not have happened .

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Despite the minimalism that characterized the tablet, you will find here an extensive set of connectors, which includes audio output, microUSB and microHDMI. At the top of the tablet include: dual-function power button and microphone. On the right side we find also the volume button and the entrance to the microSD card. Rear of the unit normally reserved for the camera and the manufacturer’s logo. The lower part was used plecków the need to incorporate signs and speakers whose mesh masking lie on the edge of the casing.

GOCLEVER ORION 785 / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

The tablet will find two cameras – a main (located at the rear) and the front, for video calling. The first is a matrix with a resolution of 2 megapixels. The camera application can be traced back to the possibility of adapting exposure, white balance, self-timer, image quality, and start face detection, as well as the option to impose a grid help in taking pictures. The camera does not have auto focus, and the quality of photography is mediocre. Photos have a large amount of noise and the colors differ from the actual. We can indeed impose a filter on the image, but do not expect a satisfactory end effects. Similarly, the front camera which has a resolution of 0.3 MP.

Sample Images

Cinema Mode also does not bring surprises. The video is recorded at VGA resolution (up to 13 frames / s) and do not let anyone deceive 720p visible icon in the application menu of the camera. The picture is not completely stable, and its quality leaves much to be desired. Even when recording in a quiet environment can be heard in the footage noise. For the cause of the low frame rate and poor lens, the tablet does not meet you in the role of photographic tools. While the movie mode is not so important, it makes it impossible to shoot without auto focus quickly create copies of some documents. Photographed fonts are blurred.

Sample video

Like the iPad Mini, the first generation

The tablet mounted display with a diagonal of 7.85 «, with which the device is compact and pleasant with prolonged use. Resolution, in which the working matrix is ​​768 x 1024 pixels – until recently characterized by parameters like the iPad Mini, the current version has been much more densely packed screen.

Maximum brightness. / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

Brightness minimal. / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

GOCLEVER ORION 785 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

We are dealing here with a screen made with IPS technology, so the viewing angles can not complain; panel falls well also in the mapped color. course this is not top shelf, but given the price of the device, it is very decent. Screen handle up to 5 fingers simultaneously, and uneven backlight is 10.1%.

The feature-rich equipment

GOCLEVER ORION 785 / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

GOCLEVER ORION 785 / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

In your own files get 8 GB of internal memory, of which about 5 GB is available to the user. You can move apps from the internal memory to an external, so you can be retrofitted with a memory card. Orion pleasant surprises in terms of handling accessories OTG. In addition to the mouse or keyboard can also connect external storage drives (except for models without their own power supply), USB HUBs and external modems. In the case of the latter (Huawei E173 model checked-u2), will be used to set up the connection settings that appear in the dedicated menu.

Long tunes, short game

The battery can not boast or a large capacity (3800 mAh), or long runs. The unit left alone, in standby mode with enabled Wi-Fi network will be able to survive one day. Individual measurements carried out in the framework of our tests are listed below, you should specify while video playback result – almost 3.5 hours, and browsing the Internet – almost 4 The surprise is particularly the first – usually test «film» is the least demanding of our scenarios, allowing to achieve longer run times than, for example, a browser test. Here the situation is different, which may arise from the nature of the Allwinner A31s. Check it in the near future when the tests are similar to GOCLEVER ORION 785 tablets, based on a similar specification. [Test slug = «battery» virtual = «video-wifi-off, internet-wifi, internet-3g-wifi communicator, load-ac» product_id = «19708»] All tests were conducted with the screen brightness set to the value of 120 cd / m2. You can charge via the USB port. It is also worth noting that occasionally had trouble with replenishing energy using the supplied charger – charging was sometimes interrupted, the result of which a few hours the battery status does not change.

Performance / functionality

Order of merit for Allwinner

GOCLEVER ORION 785 / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

What do you like, but the performance of your tablet can not refuse. Powered by Allwinner A31s processor (quad-core, Cortex-A7) and PowerVR SGX graphics assisted-544MP2, Orion 785 is equal to the task. Of course, everything within reason, because we are not dealing with the highest shelf. Run for it Asphalt 8: Airborne at the highest detail, with possible light przycinkami. Equally pleasing is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour . Tablet ‘Thanks for the game Assassin’s Creed: Pirates , although in this case the image has been reduced to the lowest, without the possibility of change. Liquidity has also browse the Internet. Pages render quickly, and zooming is done in a hassle-free. To my surprise, the Orion 785 ‘Thanks also some of our test films in 4K resolution – visible were small declines in liquidity play, but in the limit of acceptable klatkażu. [Wptab style = «4» title = «Browser and System»] 1 Browser Tests Tests tablet performance for browsing the web. [Test slug = «peacekeeper» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «SunSpider» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «kraken» product_id = «19708»] 2 Synthetic tests Tests of the system’s overall performance tablet. [Test slug = «quadrant» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «android-antutu» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «gfxbench-fill» product_id = «19708»] [/ wptab] [wptab styles = «4» title = «Image and video»] 3 Synthetic tests of the system (graphics) Tests performance tablet with an emphasis on 3D graphics. No result means that the test has been completed successfully. [Test slug = «gfxbench-fps» virtual = «t-rex-3-offscreen, t-rex-3-onscreen» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «3dmark» virtual=»3dmark-ice-storm-total,3dmark-ice-storm-graphics,3dmark-ice-storm-physics,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-total,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-graphics,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-physics,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-total,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-graphics,3dmark-ice-storm-extreme-physics,3dmark-ice-storm-unlimited-total,3dmark-ice-storm-unlimited-graphics,3dmark-ice-storm-unlimited-physics» product_id = «19708»] [test slug = «android-antutu ‘product_id =» 19708 «] 4th Test Multimedia Playback playback of the popular multimedia formats in applications MX Player. – mkv, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, he aac, subtitles – mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3 dual audio – MP4, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, aac – mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles – MP4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3, – mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts – mkv, 1080p, h264, 40Mbps – mp4, 4K (3840×2160), h264, 34mbps (small drops of liquidity) – mp4, 4K (4096×1716), h264, aac, 35Mbps ( lack of liquidity). [/ wptab] [wptab_end]

Tablet operating system based on Android version 4.2.2. Although of preinstalled applications will find a dedicated helper update the tablet, but we are not sure to which version, if at all, the device is updated. ORION 785 has a high work culture. During Operation not noticed major slowdowns animation, or in the menu, or in the case of going through the individual desktops. Stability also is uncontroversial my reservations. [Nggallery id = 598 template = techmaniak] What I find fault, it’s mediocre level locale menu. While browsing the different options I had to make sure whether I configured the system language. Many bookmarks system settings remain in English, making it difficult to support the tablet. It is a problem of epidemic in the equipment sector, wish-reviewed tablet also it replicates. Sometimes even cases such as camera app, offered entirely in English. The point is not acceptable. The manufacturer tried to be a good harvest this application, we find immediately after the first run of the tablet. Was put into service Kingstone Office office suite that allows you to create and edit popular office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Also added 4K application that acts as a media center. In addition to the aforementioned navigation and updater, find the file manager.

Summary / evaluation / review

Nice, efficient, but …

To check for the latest in ORION 785? photo gsmManiaK.pl

GOCLEVER Orion 785 leaves a very mixed feelings. Here you can see a large amount of work put into creating the product to satisfy the consumer both in terms of appearance and performance. Unfortunately, the end result is not entirely satisfactory. Yes, the tablet is very efficient and rather will feel the lack of power during everyday use (and even more demanding operations – playing or watching video at higher resolutions), but you can not forget about the shortcomings in the finishing unit, niedopieszczonym Polonized system, low battery, or, finally, the a mediocre camera. [Temperatura2 product_id = «19708»]

Alternative proposal

Alternatives can search among other proposals manufacturer. GOCLEVER INSIGNIA 785 PRO is efficient tablet, but in this case we have to reckon with fairly short runs on batteries. If we want to turn more to surfing the web and less time playing, you should take a look at digitizer Kiano Elegance 8 3G.

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